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Welcome to Black River Music Plus

Black River Music Plus is an on-line source for the most desired drumming instruction and drumming technique books for all genres of the art.

We specialize in the classic publications which are asked for and required by teachers around the world and from percussion greats such as George L. Stone, Charley Wilcoxon, Ted Reed, Marvin Dahlgren, Elliott Fines, Roy Burns, Anthony J. Cirone, Jim Chapin and many others.

The books of many contemporary drummers: performers & instructors, alike, are also featured with Black River Music Plus

We also stock the fine quality concert drumsticks from The Cooperman Drum Company, Vic Firth & Vater.

Our Drumming/Percussion Book Prices are Competitive AND You Can Use Your Amazon.com Account to Pay Using:  


Black River Music Plus Black Friday Deals Remains Available Through 'Cyber Monday':

Until they run out - a pair of KoSA drumsticks will be included with all orders. It will be rather a grab-bag with either one of three KoSA models:

The 'General' model- similar to a standard 5A

The 'Jazz' model - similar to a standard 7A

The 'La Salsa' model - a thin style timbale stick

All sticks a $10 value

If we do run out, we may find some other interesting drumming item to include in your order.


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